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The currency used in Thailand is a Bath (THB). Most merchandisers do not trust another currency. The network of exchange offices is quite dense. We recommend USD and EUR. In our residence we can exchange both USD and EUR.

Exchage rate is about 38 THB for 1 USD, respectively 48 THB for 1 EUR.

Vaccination - Medical care

For a stay on the island Koh Samui no special vaccination is necessary. However, we recommend you to take with you common medicaments, especially in relation to possible sun burns, it is also practical to have the so called antibiotics of three days. In any case we do recommend you to take out a special insurance before the journey.

The medical care in Thailand has a very high level, also pharmacies have a very good quality.

Financial problems

It can happen that you lose your cash during your stay. In case that you possess an international card, it is no big problem. However, if you do not, we would like to offer you a service of financial emergency - contact us for further information.

Important telephone numbers

Tourist Service Centre
1155 (free of charge)
Police (free of charge)
First aid