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Thailand - a country of smiles

No matter in which season you come to Thailand, in any place, everywhere you meet people with smiles in the faces. It is so pleasant to see smiles all the time. However, do not forget about several good items of useful advice.

Automatically, in the residence you will be given a written English information about your stay, recommendations concerning possible trips as well as another information. In the reception you can borrow a English-Thai dictionary and other materials.

Greetings and other rituals

The Thais do not shake their hands on meeting one another. Fold your hands at the level of the breast and slightly nod your head. Applying this greeting you will gain their favour and it is considered to be very pleasant and polite.

Feet are considered to be unclean and, thus, it is not considered to be polite to place them, sitting, in front of oneself. Also in temples, when sitting, feet must not be directed towards Budha, sit down on them.

However, the head is considered to be sacred, do not touch their heads and do not apply any similar European rituals.

Very often you can see that the Thais take off their shoes before entering temples as well as any other buildings. Respect this custom.


The language spoken in Thailand is Thai. It is very nice to learn a few Thai words. The Thais appreciate it very much. However, commonly you can make yourselves understood in English.


Regional foodThailand is famous for its fabulous varied cuisine. Fish of any sorts prepared in many various ways, a lot of vegetables, fruit, spicy soups with coconut milk, various sauces with rice. Simply - you can find excellent food absolutely everywhere. It has no sense to offer you a food service in our residence. Just use the offers in the street stands, beautiful restaurants - everything for favourable prices.

Try and enjoy Thailand!

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