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Furnishing of apartments and services included

ApartmentsAll the apartments are new, fully air-conditioned. In the apartments there are nice large windows leading into the tropical jungle. Among the furnishing of the apartments are: a refrigerator with a minibar, a satelite TV, luxury furniture in the Thai style, glass, towels …

The apartments are cleaned every day. A fee for the cleaning staff is not obligatory, however is considered to be very pleasant and the staff can show this fact. In any case, small coins are sufficient. An extra bed is possible for a special charge.

A part of the price are breakfasts (coffee, tea, omelettes, scrambled eggs, fruit, bread, jam, butter and always something à la Thai as an addition). We will do our best to meet even your special requirements.

Termination of the stay

The apartments must be left by 12 o'clock. However, in case that you use an afternoon or even a night flight wishing to take the last snaps and to have the last swim, it is possible to make an agreement, in case that the residence is not fully occupied, that you will leave the apartment according to your wish. In case that the residence is fully occupied, we will reserve a place for your things.

In case that you have special wishes and requirements in relation to the reservation of the apartment, please, inform us about them – we will do our best to comply with any of your wishes.

We are looking forward to your visit wishing you wonderful holidays.