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Ko Pha-Ngan

The island Koh Pha-Ngan is situated 20 km to the north from Koh Samui and is designed for those finding Koh Samui too typical of tourists. Sandy bays on the rocky eastern coast are situated aside and you can get there through steep mountains covered with forests exerting great efforts. In the interior there are waterfalls with a huge amount of water within the period from November to January.

Southern islands

To the south from Koh Samui there is situated a group of islands consisting of 7 islands the largest of them being Koh Tao. Deep bays lined with rocks are very romantic during the tide. Also Koh Tao has a very good reputation among divers. Koh Mat Sum has a coast covered with gravel suitable for swimming, but also sandy beaches full of fragments of corals and shells. The islands Koh Mod Dang, Koh Raap and Koh Mai Thon are known for their shining white beaches.