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Position of the island

This island is the main one of a group of islands consisting of approximately 80 islands. It is situated in the south-western part of the Thai Bay and is about an hour´s flight far from Bangkok. Also the airport itself is a sort of an attraction for it is built in coconut palm wood.


The landscape of the island is very nice, you can find 26 km of beaches there, bizarre rock formations as well as small villages. The most famous beaches are Lamai and Chaeng on the eastern coast. On the quiet northern beaches there are fewer people, in the west and in the south you can find even lonely bays, however the sea there is shallow, full of corals and so it is not suitable for swimming during the ebb.

All your expectations will be met

Even though on the main beaches there were built modern hotels with typical restaurants, bars and shops, one cannot say that there is a very busy atmosphere there. Simply, you can find absolutely everything that you might expect there - thaibox, diving in beautiful bays, very wild parties as well as romantic moments on a lonely sandy beach during the sunset.